In Chinese society, red lanterns were once associated with brothels as a fetish of sexuality and selling of one's body. The divided snapshots of the lanterns symbolize the divorce of the physical and the spiritual body of marginalized women. Featured along with a stylized barcode--so familiar in contemporary consumer society--the painting is meant to refer to the ways that women's bodies can be treated as commodities.

Mixed medium collage of barcodes

Mixed Media, 2009

In my paintings, installations and performance art, I explore the ideas of travel, transition and adaptation in different levels and spectrums – physically, temporally, culturally, linguistically, emotionally and spiritually. As I immigrated to the United States in my early adulthood, the experience of cultural shift and abrupt loss of the communities in which I had been actively engaged changed my view of self, root, and my relationship to those “other” worlds left behind. In my artwork, I am interested in contesting the psychological landscape and temporal shift affected by memory, history, as well as the cultural and built environments. I use references of mythologies, folk art productions, historical iconographies, as well as maps of reality and imagination in my art-making. The works I create often incorporate words, references of classical poems in calligraphy, and metallic colors to manifest the shimmering past.

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