"Exhibiting You" - Story

The Hunt

By: triptis
Submitted: 05/31/2009

In this research I am conducting a thought-experiment that I am envisioning and testing the art theories in regard to digital art, and what Indian artist think about it.

In my digital art, I have given the empty space a form which is my feelings and a story to tell. The artwork is celebration of colours, the dance of shapes, rhythm of lines. I really enjoyed making all these artwork.

Hope, these artworks will heal wounds of the injured soul as it healed mine and that’s my ultimate purpose.

My digital artwork is consisting of my expressions, like what I see and what I feel. It’s my belief that if the though is generated, nurtured and exposed as art, hence it’s preserved for ages. In this way I can say “the thought” has much importance then the medium.

About work “Here is series which was made on animals and man relationship..... Here in these works I have made the expressions and colorful depiction of untold. its deepest conscious feelings which is so vast that it can’t be describe”

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