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Maps on women's issues


These well-researched and colorful maps designed by Joni Seager will guide you around the world and into the issues affecting women's lives.

Timeline of women through history


From Queen Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt to Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, women have determined the destinies of people and nations.


These political memoirs, diaries, comic books, political and historical novels, essays and speeches from women activists will inspire you again and again.


Our list of films by and about powerful women will change the way you think about women, power and politics.


This companion toolkit brings exhibition stories together with Web resources and how-to guides developed by leading women's organizations.


Tune in for exciting conversations between Women, Power and Politics Curator Masum Momaya and dynamic women leaders of today.

Take Actions

Look through this comprehensive list of take actions selected to accompany the Women, Power and Politicsexhibition. One of them is bound to inspire you!


A number of artists, advocates and journalists as well as local and international organizations have helped make Women, Power and Politics a success. Learn about them and their work.

Middle Eastern children laugh, hug and show peace fingers

Teaching Tools

Women, Power and Politicsteaching tools encourage learning in English-speaking classrooms across the globe. They are an excellent resource for secondary school students and teachers.

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