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I.M.O.W.'s teaching tools add a new dimension to learning in English-speaking classrooms across the globe. Our curricula adheres to the United States National and California Content Standards in both history and social studies.

Incorporating our multilingual online exhibitions into a classroom setting will further students' understanding of women's current political, social and economic situation in the U.S. and abroad.


The International Museum of Women’s online exhibition MuslimaMuslim Women's Art & Voices presents a groundbreaking collection of thought pieces and artwork from contemporary Muslim women who are defining their own identities and, in the process, shattering pervasive stereotypes. Explore work from artists, activists, and thought-leaders around the world, representing a broad spectrum of Muslim realities and identities, addressing such topics as Power, Leadership, Appearance, Myths, Generations, Faith and Connection.

Explore Muslima and its many articles, thought pieces, and visuals with your students. The exhibition content will allow students’ greater insight into Muslim women around the globe, and offer an more accurate alternative to the many negative stereotypes and prejudices perpetuated about Muslim women. Download the Muslima Discussion Toolkit guide and other resources.


The International Museum of Women’s online exhibition, EconomicaWomen and the Global Economy, explores the many facets of women's experiences and contributions to the global economy. Economica illustrates the importance of women’s economic participation and showcases bold new ideas that could redefine how economies will work in the future.

Incorporating Economica and its many articles, case studies, podcasts and visuals into a classroom setting will further students’ understanding of the current condition of the global economy and allow them insight into the economic involvement and contributions of women around the world. View as PDF and download the educator's guide to Economica.


The International Museum of Women’s Women, Power and Politics curricula has been designed to enhance the learning and positive development of students within American and international educational facilities. Using both primary and secondary sources along with interactive activities that allow students to explore, create and dialogue, the Women, Power and Politicscurricula provides educators with excellent resources to use within the classroom.

Grade Ten Curriculum 
(ages 15-16)

Women and Governance Post-World War II

This curriculum packet focuses on women and their role in governance in the post-World War II era. The selected readings from I.M.O.W.’s Women, Power and Politics online exhibition are paired with corresponding activities and discussion prompts. The chosen texts and articles correlate directly to the overarching themes of U.S. 10th grade history, while also encouraging students to improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. A specific analysis of women’s roles in nation-building activities allows students an alternative and insightful approach to American history and social studies. View as PDF and download: grade ten curriculum packet and materials and resources.

Grade Eleven Curriculum 
(ages 16-17)

Women, Leadership and Democracy in the United States

This curriculum packet focuses on the theme of female leaders within American democracy. The content of the selected readings contributes to students' comprehension of this overarching theme. Further, the corresponding activities and discussions aim to extract important historical details from these texts and sources, while placing them within the larger historical narrative of women’s roles as activists and leaders. This curriculum includes interactive activities and projects designed to facilitate students’ understanding of the role women have played in American government, as well as to encourage dialogue and raise social awareness. View as PDF and download: grade eleven curriculum packet and materials and resources.

Grade Twelve Curriculum
(ages 17-18)

Women, Art and Politics

This curriculum packet seeks to explore women, art and politics within the context of modern American history and governance. The readings and texts that this packet utilizes provide resources that will encourage students to further develop their analytical and comprehension skills. These articles discuss specific women and their use of art in their own personal political agenda as a means to gain access to the government. The recommended projects, presentations and classroom activities aim to cultivate skills in research, assessment, writing and public speaking in U.S. 12th grade students. The unique approach and content of this curriculum provides students and educators with an alternative method to the study of history through a women-centered perspective. View as PDF and download: grade twelve curriculum packet and materials and resources.

Shirley Chisholm Curriculum

Women, Leadership and Democracy in the United States

The objective of this curriculum is to teach students about the historic role women have played in U.S politics; analyze socio-cultural implications of a woman running for the highest office in the country in the 1970s and today; evaluate the motivation behind Chisholm’s campaign and the challenges she faced; assess the political and social impact of Chisholm’s campaign at the time and its legacy; and compare and contrast Chisholm’s campaign in the 1970s to Hillary Clinton’s and Sarah Palin’s campaigns today; understand the basic principles of the American Democratic system; and learn how to participate in the system. View as PDF and download: Shirley Chisholm curriculum.


The exhibition Women of the World, curated by Claudia Demonte and presented by the International Museum of Women in 2003, featured paintings by female artists from 174 countries that depicted an image that for them represents a woman.

These six education guides are designed to encompass major themes in young women's lives around the world. They can be used as a series or stand-alone. Our objective is to raise the students' awareness of international issues affecting women and girls. Download the zipfile containing eleven images to be used with the curricula.

Global Beauty

Friends, family, culture, society and individuals define beauty. Using art created by women from all over the world, we explore definitions of beauty. The objective of this workshop is to expose students to a global perspective of beauty and to challenge societal and personal norms. View as PDF and download: "Global Beauty" curriculum.

Me, Myself and I

Using domestic and international movie clips and small group discussions, this workshop will highlight sensitive relational issues and help practice social skills needed to build and maintain positive relationships. The objective of this workshop is to identify and celebrate choices attributed to positive relationships. View as PDF and download: "Me, Myself and I" curriculum.

Women's Human Rights

Through text, interactive activities and visual images, participants will explore and discuss social and economic issues in which women's and girls' rights have been ignored. Economic empowerment, access to education and effects of war on women will be discussed. View as PDF and download: "Women's Human Rights" curriculum.

Women's Invisible Work Made Visible

By discussing public and private spaces, students will learn how women and girls have pulled and pushed societal boundaries. Using artwork from Women of the World: A Global Collection of Artexhibit, current news headlines, and personal accounts, this workshop will explore the invisible boundaries that exist for women and girls in different regions of the world and ask students to explore and offer possible solutions to those limitations. View as PDF and download: "Women's Invisible Work Made Visible" curriculum.

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

Students will develop critical thinking skills by exploring and viewing art made by ten women artist from different countries. The specific pieces illustrate what the artists see as discrimination toward women in their counties. View as PDF and download:"Women's Rights Are Human Rights" curriculum.

Women of Courage Biographies

The following interactive, online education guide is a product of a collaboration between university history classes, a high school art class and the International Museum of Women. Its intent is to demonstrate a way classes can work together to encourage student knowledge of both historical and contemporary global women. It also provides a collaborative model for institutions such as museums and schools to work together.

The activity consists of sixteen biographies written by the university students, quotations found by the students, and portraits created primarily by the high school students.

View this online project developed by students from the San Francisco State University and Sonoma Academy high school. Please note that you will be directed to a different Web site.

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