Religious women make change happen, whether it’s by seeking peace or inciting war. Strong beliefs can inspire social justice or block a woman's access to freedom or equality. Join us as we explore the relationship between faith and politics in the lives of women around the world. 

Discover how the veil can celebrate devotion yet divide worlds. Learn how one woman raised an army in God's name. Listen in as women sing to protest unfair laws in their country. Learn what the future holds for a new generation of Muslim women unburdened by fundamentalism. Listen to our podcast with Hadil El-Khouly on being a devout Muslim and a feminist and read Curator Masum Momaya's introduction to this topic.

Journalists and Activists Discuss the West Bank Dialogues from the West Bank  >>Three Jerusalem activists wage peace through interfaith dialogue and an unflinching belief that sharing stories across borders can mend divisions from the inside out.
Women in Kenya and Sri Lanka write about Religious funtamentalism Rewriting the Book  >>Young women are taking a stand against religious fundamentalisms by sharing personal stories and their dreams for a more equitable world.
Betty Bigombe at the forfront of peace negotiations in Uganda Spirits in Uganda  >>Ugandan Alice Lakwena began a bloody civil war in God's name. Another woman, Betty Bigombe, is fighting to undo her countrywoman's crimes and bring about peace. 
Israhn and Mamia Cherif sing to end Algier's Family Code Singing for Change  >>What is the best way to garner support for a woman's cause? Twenty Algerian women created a music video to help end the repressive Family Code.
Fascist women in 1930s Spain Fascist Women Speak  >>In 1930s Spain, religion opened the doors for women's political participation. Fascist women of the Sección Femenina de la Falange Española were devoted to Catholicism and, above all, social justice.
Georgina Choueiri explores the hijab in her paintings and murals A Curtain between Worlds  >>The meaning of the hijab, or veil, is debated around the world. Lebanese-born artist Georgina Choueiri explores the issue from the inside out and the outside in.
Rania Matar's photographic work features Lebanese Muslim women engaging in politics Muslim Women Engage in Politics  >>Community Voice: Rania Matar, Lebanon
Don't let the veils fool you. Women are entering Lebanese politics in increasing numbers. This exclusive photo essay looks closely at the faces of women practicing politics. 
Buddhist Nun Ven. Tenzin Palmo works to restore ancient togdenma (yogic) training to young women of Himalayas Serving the Whole  >>Community Voice: Global Oneness Project, United States
For many women, spirituality is the first step toward social change. These short videos profile three remarkable activists who are motivated and guided by their unwavering faith.
Megumi Nishikura documents the anti-Iraq movement in film Peace Begins with Me and You  >>Community Voice: Megumi Nishikura, Japan
In this animated documentary short, Japanese-American peace activist Megumi Nishikura chronicles her spiritual journey through Buddhism and Hinduism. 
the feminist and antimilitarist organization Women in Black is based in Belgrade Serbia Neither Whores, nor Saints  >>Community Voice: Women in Black, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro
As a form of protest against the Serbian Orthodox Church, members of Women in Black staged a dance performance and stripped off their clothes on the main city square. 

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