Does a woman's vote mean she really has a say? And is anyone listening, anyway? Join us as we explore a woman's right to vote. If she's got it, does it matter? And if she doesn't, what stands in the way? Discover where the ballot box fits into the evolving world of power and politics, past and present.

Meet the daring women's suffrage pioneers, who won their first victories a century ago, as well as their modern sisters, who still fight for the vote today. Discover a fictional pop icon everywoman who gets out the vote with a song and a shopping cart. And how was your first time? Add your personal voting story to ours. Listen to our podcast with Rasha Hifzi on women and the vote in Saudi Arabia and read Curator Masum Momaya's introduction to this topic.

suffrage activists parade for voting rights in the U.S in 1930s Then and Now: Faces of Suffrage  >>For more than a century, women around the world have been fighting alongside men for equality and the right to vote. These pictures are a beautiful reminder of how far we've come and how many women continue to struggle today. 
journalist Melinda Henneberger investigates the interests of women voters in the U.S What Women Voters Want  >>Interview: Journalist Melinda Henneberger spoke to women across the United States about why they vote, what they care about, and what drives them crazy about candidates in both parties.
Mak Beday is a fictional character created for a voter education campaign  by the Women's Candidacy Initiative (WCI) that works toward increasing women's participation in Malay politics Malaysia's Star Everywoman  >>A feisty fictional character got out the vote in Malaysia in 2008. Meet Mak Bedah, middle-aged "auntie," campaign activist and YouTube singing sensation.
Finnish choreographer Maija Hirvanen explores women's political engagement through dance Freeing Finnish Women's Voices  >>Interview: Finnish women were the first in Europe to vote and the first in the world to run for office. Artist Maija Hirvanen celebrates Finland's history and its remarkable women. 
Raye Makhfi satirizes  women's role in the electoral process in Iran in the movie "Secret Ballot" A Satire on Voting in Iran  >>Film Review: Democracy is imperfect, but one must have faith in the process. The Iranian fable Secret Ballot takes us from this simple civics lesson into the realm of the absurd.
Kuwatiti Women's Cutural Society created poster in 2006 to encourage participation in country's first election to allow women's votes and candidates Kuwaiti Women's 1st Election Day  >>Kuwaiti women braved long lines, sweltering heat and Islamist opposition to cast their first-ever ballots in 2006. They voted, but not for women candidates.
A campaign poster for Postmodernism is the incumbent in Democratic Society for Art Election in San Francisco Bay Area of the United States Vote Art for Change  >>Community Voice: Art for a Democratic Society, United States
The city of Oakland, California, hosted a unique election. Participants were asked to vote for the "Official Art Movement of the Bay Area." Which art movement got the women's vote?
Susan Griffin is the author of "Wrestiling with the angel of democracy: on Being an American Citizen" a social autobiography into the personal experiences of history and democracy in America Why Vote?  >>Community Voice: Susan Griffin, United States
When she gets discouraged about campaigns and candidates, writer Susan Griffin reminds herself: "My own life and the lives of everyone I love depends on what I do as a citizen."
Canadian feminist magazine Antigone asked readers to illustrate their personal dreams for women on postcards like this one Political Dreams for Women  >>Community Voice: Antigone Magazine, Canada
Canadian feminist magazine Antigone asked readers to illustrate their personal dreams for women on postcards. See some of the imaginative mail they received.
IMOW's online international community shares its stories from voting at the polls Voting Memories  >>Community Voice: I.M.O.W. Community, Worldwide
Read favorite voting memories from our online community. It's not too late to add your own! Share your personal memories about the first, last or most memorable time you voted. 

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