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I am a young woman who has a strong dedication to social activities and involvement. I believe that peace is inside of us. Once it comes into our lives, it inspires others and creates real understanding about our society. 
Narangerel, friend and inspirational founder of BlueSense Mongolia.
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Traditional and different societies have their own cultures and ways of living, thinking, and working. It is not always easy to connect them to the modern world. And modern world is not always bringing better things. Combining and preserving those differences are in women's hands.

Inspiring each other in society or in the community is key. I believe that women are naturally more sensitive and have a softer way of dealing with things. Politics and leading others are not always easy. I think it takes the ability to understand others, inspire them, give them capacity and opportunity and organize their inner states. It is similar to how mothers deal with children.

Becoming an International Organizer

I am involved with a number of NGOs and activities in Mongolia and other countries. I have been involved with Amnesty International Mongolia for five years as a volunteer, youth leader, human rights campaign organizer, instructor, translator, and on a number of campaigns such as violence against women and arms control.

I participated in trainings for the development of women and young girls to influence NGOs and government to act more effectively. We inspire the participation, innovation and capacity of young women's visions for a better world.

BlueSense: Connecting Youth and Tradition

I am also one of the first members and a board member of BlueSense, a small organization of 19 members in Mongolia that brings together youth interested in writing and literature. It bridges the divide between tradition and modernity by encouraging young people to study traditional Mongolian literature as a way of advancing modern arts in the country.

We have published seven books of our members' poems and a newspaper about Mongolian writers' info. We also organize competitions and forums for writers and for the public as well. We work with most of Mongolian Art NGOs, radios, newspapers and some other NGOs.

Half of our members are women. Lately Mongolian girls became much active than boys. But still very low percentage of women participation in the politics.

There are number of youths who have an amazing talent of writing, poetry, articles and novels. We want to open them to the society, inspire their talent and their vision. At the same time, it is necessary to call public attention to them. It's important to our traditional Mongolian culture.

Inspired by a Spirit of Sisterhood

BlueSense was started by my long-time friend Narangerel. We have known each other since high school. During university time, we were working in different NGOs as a friends, partners, debaters and fighters even.

We understand each other. We have the same vision and purpose, but we know that we have different ways of approaching our work.

She inspired me because I inspired her as well. It's not because we tried to be better than each other. It's because we saw that even our way of dealing things are different, at the end it was in a soft, emotionally dedicated, the way of women. We had a common character and inner state that really wants something better for others.

She inspired me, because I saw that how women can be the strongest and most deeply conscious.

A Diplomatic Future

As I write, I am studying in the Geneva School of Diplomacy for a one year Masters program. I have had an amazing experience. I am studying with 24 different nationalities in the class. All of their issues, challenges, opportunities, and visions are great lessons for me. The universality of the world, the light and vision of human beings and the dedication to understand others...all are here.

I have started to understand more about the diplomacy and its way of dealing with nation states, the responsibilities of human being. All of these lessons are very important for me. I can build myself more, call my community with better understanding of others and open the door to others for my community, for my country and for my culture. It is an opportunity to introduce a cultural way which can be the better solution.

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