We Will Take Care of Politics

I am Lawyer working as a Gender Specialist, and I have published a book of poems on women's rights. The feminist poet in my heart has awakened and I have to speak up to wake up those women who are interested in politics.
They say men are to talk politics 
Women talk gossip

They say men are rational 
Women are emotional 

They say men are leaders 
Women are care takers 

They say men are for Parliament
Women are for the Kitchen 

They say politics is dirty 
That is not up to a woman 

We say 
All women come from the kitchen 
With your brooms and dust pans 
It is high time to clean up messed up politics 

We will clean up dirtiness from politics 
Let's make it more hygienic 

We say 
All emotional women come from home 
Let's add some softness to the immoral politics 

We say 
We have taken care of the house 
Now we will take care of politics 

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