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The face of philanthropy is changing, along with what it means to give and receive.
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Women’s Funds Redefine the "Pie"

In the current culture of charitable giving, especially during the 2008-2009 global economic crisis, both donors and funding seekers tend to assume there is a finite and shrinking "pie" of resources available. This means that women's groups must compete against other worthy "causes" for money. Through the unique vehicle of women's funds--pools of money dedicated to helping women and girls--women's advocates are tapping new sources of support and challenging the idea that there is only so much to go around. In the process, they are expanding the pie for everyone and ensuring that resources are distributed more equitably. Read more

What can investing in women do for a country? Emilenne de León, executive director of the only women’s fund in Mexico, shares her ideas.
Funding entrepreneurial, women-led organizations worldwide, the Women's Funding Network is getting the money where it needs to go and changing the world as a result.
"Women funds have truly modeled a more egalitarian kind of giving and birthed a model of philanthropy that's with, not for," says Helen LaKelly Hunt.
Jessica Jackley, co-founder of, the world's first microlending Web site, speaks about the power of the Internet, microlending and helping small businesses, $25 at a time.
Women are in a unique position to promote a new model of economics: sufficiency. Lynne Twist says this could change the world beyond our current economic crisis.

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