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PODCAST: A Conversation with Ingrid Betancourt

PODCAST: A Conversation with Ingrid Betancourt (61:58)

Special Feature: Former Colombian senator and activist Ingrid Betancourt was abducted by the FARC while campaigning as a candidate in the Colombian presidential elections and held captive in the Colombian jungle for six and a half years before being freed in a dramatic 2008 rescue. On October 28, 2010, Betancourt discussed her story as told in her memoir, Even Silence Has an End, as part of I.M.O.W.'s Extraordinary Voices, Extraordinary Change Speaker Series. She appeared in conversation with Jeanne Carstensen, managing editor of The Bay Citizen.

(A video of the event is available here.)

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PODCAST: Women & the Future of the Middle East

PODCAST: Women & the Future of the Middle East (76:22)

Special Feature: Leading women's human rights activist, I.M.O.W. Global Council chair, and founder of the Women's Learning Partnership Mahnaz Afkhami spoke with I.M.O.W. Executive Director Clare Winterton about her experience as an Iranian exile, women in Islam, the challenges facing women in the Middle East, and how technology is helping movement-building in the region. I.M.O.W. proudly presented this event on June 2, 2010 in San Francisco as part of our Extraordinary Voices, Extraordinary Change Speaker Series.

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PODCAST: The Cost of Care

PODCAST: The Cost of Care (35:45)

Evaluating what care is worth reveals that women play a fundamental role in the economy, and one that's been neglected by economists for decades. Economist Nancy Folbre explains why putting a price tag on care is an essential step towards making governments, institutions, and society work better.

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PODCAST: Who's Bailing Out Whom?

PODCAST: Who's Bailing Out Whom? (33:20)

Meizhu Lui has been at the center of economic justice struggle for women, immigrants, people of color and poor for more than 30 years. In this podcast, originally recorded for I.M.O.W's online exhibition Women, Power and Politics, she talks about the economic crisis and how it's affecting the lives of ordinary American women. (33:20)

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PODCAST: Women, Work and the Arab World

PODCAST: Women, Work and the Arab World (34:05)

Women in the Middle East usually don't work outside the home--but that's beginning to change. Jennifer Olmsted talks about what has kept women out of paid work, and why more are entering the workforce now. (34:05)

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PODCAST: Economically Powerful

PODCAST: Economically Powerful (21:50)

Saudi Arabian women aren't allowed to drive, and aren't allowed to be in a room alone with a man who isn't their relative. Yet they own nearly 70 percent of bank accounts and 20 percent of private companies in the Kingdom. In this podcast, originally recorded for I.M.O.W.'s Women, Power and Politics exhibition, businesswoman and women's rights activist Rasha Hifzi speaks about this contradiction and Saudi women's struggle for political equality. (21:50)

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PODCAST: Assert Your Worth

PODCAST: Assert Your Worth (31:46)

Empowering women is good for the economy and the society. Social economist Naila Kabeer talks about the relationship between social justice and economic growth. Kabeer specializes in gender, poverty and social policy issues. (31:46)

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PODCAST: Economic Jargon

PODCAST: Economic Jargon (35:27)

The words we use to describe the economy inevitably shape our understanding of it. But what if we changed those words? Could that lead to big-picture economic changes? Economist Julie Nelson talks about why the words we use to describe the economy matter more than we might think. (35:27)

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PODCAST: Trouble in Paradise

PODCAST: Trouble in Paradise (31:26)

Unemployment, gender discrimination, lack of international support, and a large percentage of female-headed households are all putting economic pressure on  Caribbean citizens. Professor Eudine Barriteau explains where things are now, and how they can be improved. (31:26)

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PODCAST: Property Rights

PODCAST: Property Rights (31:52)

In Africa, owning land means financial stability and independence. So what does it mean that women can't be landowners without a man's approval? Ugandan activist Peace Musiimenta discusses how women are treated as property and why women need to own land more than ever before. (31:52)

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PODCAST: Tipping the Economic Scales

PODCAST: Tipping the Economic Scales (30:52)

How do globalization, domestic work and the informal economy weigh on women's lives? Professor Lourdes Beneria says that looking at economics through a gendered lens will change our definitions of value, wealth, and work. (30:52)

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PODCAST: Defending Workers' Rights

PODCAST: Defending Workers' Rights (75:13)

Special Feature: I.M.O.W. Global Council member Dolores Huerta appeared in conversation with Maria Echaveste on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, in San Francisco. Huerta, one of this century's most powerful and respected labor movement leaders, co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez. She has dedicated her life to defending the rights of workers and immigrants as well as to the pursuit of gender equality. Listen to a recording of the live event. (75:13)

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PODCAST: Money in the Margins

PODCAST: Money in the Margins (34:59)

More people than ever are participating in the informal economy. What are the risks, benefits, and implications of this dramatic new trend? Community organizer Gichelle Cruz talks about the informal economy as it relates to government, the community, and globalization. (34:59)

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PODCAST: Kiva: Online Microfinance

PODCAST: Kiva: Online Microfinance (64:21)

Special Feature: On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, I.M.O.W. hosted an evening with Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org, the world's first peer-to-peer online microlending Web site. Kiva lets Internet users lend as little as US$25 to specific developing world entrepreneurs, providing affordable capital to help them start or expand a small business. Listen to a live recording of the event and read a transcript of our Web chat with Jessica. (64:21)

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Stories Breaking Through Silence: Aminatta Forna in Conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Stories Breaking Through Silence: Aminatta Forna in Conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika (67:52)

On October 10, IMOW in association with the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) hosted an evening with Author and IMOW Global Council Member Aminatta Forna, in conversation with Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Lecturer/Writer and MoAD Board Member.

From human rights in Africa to the importance of education for girls and boys and now the impact of war and the silence that follows in Croatia; Aminatta Forna, one of contemporary Africa's most important and perceptive chroniclers, joined us to discuss her newest novel, The Hired Man, set in a Croatian town that is still recovering from the indelible effects of war.

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PODCAST: Inspired by Malala: Local Muslim Women Discuss Activism, Community, & Islamophobia

PODCAST: Inspired by Malala: Local Muslim Women Discuss Activism, Community, & Islamophobia (73:31)

Inspired by the courage of young Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai to speak up for equal rights of women and girls, this panel brought together local Bay Area Muslim women leaders to discuss Muslim women's agency and activism on September 12, 2013. Panelists include Samina Ali in conversation with Zahra Billoo, Executive Director for the Council of American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area; Ameena Jandali, co-founder of Islamic Networks Group; Ayesha Mattu, writer and co-editor of the anthology, Love, Inshallah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women; and Nuri Nusrat of the National Council on Crime & Delinquency's Restorative Justice Project.

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PODCAST: Converting Your Passion into Social Change: A Conversation with Lynne Twist and Nikki Henderson

PODCAST: Converting Your Passion into Social Change: A Conversation with Lynne Twist and Nikki Henderson (64:58)

Special Feature: On February 19, 2013, Lynne Twist and Nikki Henderson joined IMOW for a Salon Speaker Series event in San Francisco, "Converting Your Passion Into Social Change." Listen to this podcast of their conversation!

Lynne Twist is an IMOW Global Council Member and author of the award-winning book, The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life. Nikki Henderson is the Executive Director of the People's Grocery in Oakland, California, a nonprofit working to improve the health and economy of the West Oakland community through a local food system.

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PODCAST: Aminatta Forna Speaker Series Event

PODCAST: Aminatta Forna Speaker Series Event (55:35)

Special Feature: On January 26, 2011, The International Museum of Women, in association with the World Affairs Council of Northern California, hosted Aminatta Forna in a conversation with Clare Winterton, IMOW's Executive Director, as part of its Extraordinary Voices, Extraordinary Change Speaker Series. Forna latest novel, The Memory of Love, depicts a deeply hopeful and universal story about love and human resilience. Forna discussed the importance of telling untold stories, talked about what inspires her as a woman writer, and described her experience as a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and Sierra Leone. The tortuous events of Sierra Leone's history have dominated Forna's writing. She is the daughter of a former Sierra Leonean cabinet minister and dissident, murdered by the state in 1975. In 2003, Forna helped build a primary school in her family's village of Rogbonko. Forna is a trustee of the Royal Literary Fund, sits on the advisory committee of the Caine Prize for African Writing and is a member of the International Museum of Women's Global Council.

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PODCAST: A Conversation with Nicholas Kristof

PODCAST: A Conversation with Nicholas Kristof (75:00)

Special Feature: Acclaimed journalist Nicholas Kristof speaks with Jane Wales, president of the World Affairs Council of Northern California, about the oppression of women around the world and what can be done to improve gender equity. I.M.O.W. proudly presented this event on Oct. 14, 2009 in San Francisco as part of our speaker series. 
(More information and video coverage is available here.

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