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About Focusing on Latin America

The International Museum of Women is pleased to present:

Focusing on Latin America: A Project of Economica

In Focusing on Latin America, the International Museum of Women takes a look at the economic challenges, successes and hopes of women in Latin America as the region responds to the global economic crisis.

How are women affected by issues from dependence on remittances and immigration to wealth inequality and discrimination? And how are opportunities like microfinance, cash transfer programs, and increased work opportunities helping them advance?

We invite you to explore the answers to these questions and more through the work of artists, activists and thought leaders from Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Learn about women's lives, perspectives and economic progress and take action to advance gender equity in the region.

This exhibition is presented in Spanish and English and builds on themes introduced in IMOW's major international exhibition, Economica: Women and the Global Economy. Economica showcases women's diverse global roles as economic change-agents, entrepreneurs, business leaders, caregivers, workers and investors, and asks powerful and provocative questions on critical economic topics from philanthropy to macro-economy.


Argentina: Irene Jaievsky
Costa Rica: Claudia Mandel
Mexico: Silvana Gesualdo


Argentina: Perla Bajder, Diana Dowek , Lidia Heller, Gabriela Horvat, Naum Jaievsky, Marga Steinwasser
Costa Rica: Vanessa Biasetti, Susana Sanchez Carballo, Maria Florez-Estrada, Lucia Madriz, Roxana Nagygeller, Cecilia Paredes
Mexico: Alicia Giron, Lucero Gonzales, Maria Ezcurra-Lucotti, Ivonne Monteagudo, Dulce Pinzon, Marcela Taboada


IMOW Executive Director: Clare Winterton
IMOW Vice President of Exhibitions & Programs: Catherine King
IMOW Web & Social Media Manager: Krista Walton
IMOW Development Associate: Irene Morrison
PR & Media: Mariana Hernandez Alvarez
Researcher: Catherine M. Bartch
Web Development: Mediatrope
Web Design: Sarah Seybert
Exhibition Assistant: Lillie Falco-Adkins

Special Thanks

Advisors: Carolina Anino, Luz Lajous, Irene Natividad, Roxane Divol, Masum Momaya

Magdalena Carral, Dr. Lidia Heller, María Flórez-Estrada Pimentel, Paloma Merodio, Dr. Tulia Falleti, Dr. Merike Blofield, Dr. William C. Smith, Dr. Linda Stevenson, Dr. Juan Manuel Lombera, Dr. Sylvia Chant, Gabriela Mayorga, Stephanie Bonaccorsi, Yolanda Aguirre Platas, María de la Luz Ramírez, Verónica Lazo, Guillermo García-Huidobro, Dr. Maria Victoria Murillo, Dr. Adriana Marshall, Instituto Nacional De Estadístca y Geografía (INEGI) de México Joe Holub, Veronica Bartch, Suzanne Bartch, Alex Saldaña, Luis Maravi, Carmen Castro Rojas


Producer: Joslyn Rose Lyons
Score: Mike Chav
English Voiceover: Wendy Hanamura, Production by Kyung Lee at Link TV
Spanish Voiceover: Yeimalis Acevedo-Rasmussen, Las Comrades INC.

Video Images: Pro Mujer, Paola Gianturco, Roxane Nagygeller, Naum Jaievsky, Marco Simola, Elizabeth Pepin-Silva, Paula Ayub, Krista Walton, Cecilia Paredes, Diana Dowek, Susana Sanchez Carballo, Lucia Madriz. Flickr users esparto, ellas2_0, hectorgarcia, canovix, bennyseidelman, unimontevideo, trini2011, gaelx, mundolaura, lo_, venex, tomasgomezf, la-reina, pit_thompson, ilo_oli, elmarto

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