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Economic Connections

Artist Tammy Mike Laufer uses digital manipulation techniques to depict representations of women working towards economic equality. She says that women could be the key to a sustainable, successful economy for many nations.

woman with roots for limbs surrounded by money

Economic Connections and Growth
Image of a woman with a crown of dollars

Economic Liberation
digital image of a woman with cars surrounding her

More Women in Industry

There is a strong link between the power women have in a society and that society’s economic growth, and I want to express this link in my work. I use digital three-dimensional drawing and digital manipulation to express the rising power of women in the economic arena. I was inspired to create Economic Connections and Growth because, for the first time in history, the number of working women equals that of men. In this time of economic crisis, some people are asking if women are the saviors of the world economy, but women still earn less than men. Even though women are capable of creating economic connections and growth, they are not valued the way men are as money-earners.

In Economic Liberation, I was inspired by the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the ultimate symbol of liberty and potential. I tend to include female figures in my work. The crown of dollars surrounding her head symbolizes economic liberation for women.

Finally, More Women in Industry is inspired by the fact that there are so few women working in certain industries. Women can do more to create a healthy economy, including taking jobs in industries that are currently dominated by men. But in order for women to work in these industries, discrimination against women must be addressed. Right now, only 11% of those employed in industry are women, and there are very few management-level positions held by women. If we women want change, we must make our voices heard.

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