Argentina is no stranger to economic crises. In 2001, the Argentine economy hit rock bottom; about 25 percent of the population was suddenly unemployed. During the worst of the crisis, nearly 60 percent of Argentines were living at or below poverty level. Learn about how Argentine women are facing a new set of difficulties, and opportunities. READ MORE IN "ARGENTINA: GHOST OF CRISES PAST">>

A Crisis Upon a Crisis 
Though Latin American women have made continued strides toward progress, they've done so while still constrained by continued social inequality, says expert Lidia Heller.
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A Day in the Life of Maria Rosario, a Working Woman
Argentine artist Diana Dowek presents a series of portraits of Maria Rosario, an average working woman in a factory in Argentina.
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Remembering theCacerolazo
Gabriela Horvat created the jewelry line "Pans" as an homage to the cacerolazo, a social protest by the Argentine middle class.
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Sacred Family
Multimedia artist Perla Bajder uses sculpture to reflect on how economic crises can lead to the degradation of families.
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Seeing the Poor
With so many people struggling to make ends meet, the average person has become numb to the poor. Artist Marga Steinwasser uses artwork to encourage a second look at this huge but mostly invisible group in Argentina.
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School of Arts and Trades in the Greater Buenos Aires
The School of Arts and Trades in Greater Buenos Aires offers vocational training for those in Buenos Aires who are undereducated and unemployed.
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