Costa Rica

Costa Rica comes in near the top of studies ranking countries on gender equality. The country is known for progressive, pro-women policies that have helped Costa Rican women, also known as ticas, advance economically. But social issues including immigration, inequality and sex tourism mean that Costa Rican women face unique challenges as the country recovers from the crisis. READ MORE IN "COSTA RICA: A MODEL COUNTRY?">>

Bodies as Commodities
Susana Sanchez Carballo uses sculpture and public art to bring prostitutes, an ignored and looked down upon part of Costa Rican society, front and center.
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Migration and Identity
Artist Cecilia Paredes emigrated with her family from Peru to Costa Rica. Her work uses the body and created environments to explore how migration affects ones sense of belonging.
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Money Talks
Lucia Madriz uses natural materials to explore the relationship between gender, economic empowerment, and agriculture.
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People in Their Place
Photographer Roxana Nagygeller presents an intimate, touching series of portraits of immigrant women in Costa Rica, working as domestic help.
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Woman, Money, and Domestic Violence
Sculptor Vanessa Biasetti explores what happens when the domestic sphere dominated by women is met with increased violence due to economic tensions.
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Ticas and the Global Economic Crisis
Unemployment, discrimination, and underreporting of work are all challenges facing Costa Rican women in this recovery, says Professor Maria Florez-Estrada.
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