Leaders in Mexico call women "the pillar" of the Mexican economy. Yet women are more likely than men to be poor, work in informal jobs, and spend the majority of their time doing unpaid domestic work. Though Mexico's economy had been growing thanks to increased exports and trade, this growth was hampered by the economic crisis. For many women, the impact of crisis is compounded by long-standing challenges including prejudice against indigenous women, domestic violence, and dependence on remittances. READ MORE IN "MEXICO: LONGSTANDING CHALLENGES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES">> 

Women of Clay 
When their husbands left to find work abroad, women left behind in a small, struggling village in southern Mexico built their own houses out of clay.
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Domestic Mythology
Maria Ezcurra explores the contribution of women domestic workers, an essential but overlooked part of the Mexican economy.
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Both Sides
Photographer Dulce Pinzon explores how remittances impact families in Mexico and across the border.
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Indigenous Women in Oaxaca
Photographer Lucero Gonzales takes us into the community of indigenous women in Oaxaca, Mexico, to show the ways they contribute and thrive despite disadvantages.
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Women, Machismo and Opportunity
Ivonne Monteagudo shares her thoughts on being a successful businesswoman in Mexico and discusses how more Mexican women can advance in business.
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Women's Work
Economist Alicia Giron discusses how the changing economic landscape affects women at home and in the workplace, and what will be the key to Mexican women's future success.
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