Women of Kenya Are... (Kenya)


Women of Kenya Are... (Kenya)

collage of an African woman in a nice dress in an office

Women of Kenya Are... 
Kitengela, Kenya. 2009. Digital.

Elizabeth Kyengo is a hardworking and successful chicken farmer in Kitengela, Kenya. Elizabeth rears both broilers and layers and sells them to individuals and institutions. She is a member and beneficiary of a local microfinance organization that caters to women only.

This image is part of a body of work that aims to celebrate the beautiful and hardworking Kenyan women in all of their endeavors and stages of life. Though there are many negative and sad stories about the women of Kenya (and Africa in general), I would like to celebrate the efforts, triumphs and smiles of the women in my country. I have been lucky enough to travel across my country and see these women working diligently to support themselves and their families. Many have benefited from microfinance loans and have managed to grow their businesses. Theirs are stories of struggle, hardships and heartache, but despite their difficulties they have managed to blossom and flourish. These women are an inspiration to many, including myself.

About the ArtistThirty-one-year-old Kenyan photographer Alex Kamweru is an independent photographer and coordinator of The Mwelu Foundation. He studied at The University of Nairobi, The Kenya Polytechnic and Alliance Française. In 2003 he was awarded the Africa Youth Parliament Young Journalist Scholarship. Later in the same year, he was chosen as a media delegate at the Peace Child International World Youth Congress in Morocco and served on the editorial team. He is also a founder member of World Youth Citizens International. To learn more about his work, visit www.alexkamweru.com.

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